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1. Setting up a company in Zambia to trade globally can be straight forward for foreign individuals nationals because:
• It only requires two individuals of any nationality who can be both shareholders and directors to register the company;
• The government imposes a low minimum share capital requirement of ZMW15,000 (Approx. US$1,000) to establish a private company limited by shares (LLC) in Zambia;
• ATF Consult International Ltd. can complete the company incorporation process from A to Z on behalf of our Client without the directors or shareholders traveling to Zambia to sign forms;
• Thanks to ATF Consult International Ltd., opening a global corporate bank account to support business registration in Zambia is easy. Healy Consultants Group works with internationally recognized banks to provide corporate bank account services;
• ATF Consult International Ltd can complete our Client’s Zambia company incorporation within 4 weeks following receipt of required due diligence documents.
2. Our Clients investing over US$500,0000 in Priority Sectors or Economic Zones or Rural area will benefit from:
• A 5 year exemption on import duty rate on capital equipment, plant and machinery imported to the country for investment;
• Protection against state nationalization of private investments and guarantees on foreign owned investments;
• Accelerated free facilitation on immigration permit applications for investors and employees. Easy approval of additional licenses and ease of acquisition of land;
• Zambia has the 8 largest copper reserves in the world. Our Clients looking to venture into this lucrative industry will find Zambia a prime location in Africa for copper mining and export or provision of services to players in this industry;
• Non-resident entities engaged in the exportation of Zambian products will be refunded the Zambian VAT charged on such exports.

3. Our Clients investing in certain sectors of Zambian economy, will enjoy various Government incentives including:

• Reduced corporate income tax rate of 10% for companies engaged in farming and agro-processing activities;

• Exemption from withholding tax for payment of dividends paid by mining companies and a 5-year exemption for dividend paid by farming companies;

• Companies meeting selected requirements by the Zambia Development Agency pay no taxes for the first 5 years and reduced tax rates for the following five years;
• Up to 10 years extension of carry forward of tax losses for companies in the mining • and energy sectors.

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