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The Dutch BV (limited liability company). This kind of company can be registered if you are interested in starting a business in the Netherlands, with a minimum share capital of 1 EUR, according to the recently amended Company Law. There are a series of requirements related to Board of Directors and local company headquarters, both being required for what the local regulations describe as “substance”, and our company is able to provide all required services. Foreign businessmen registering the Dutch BV as a holding company can benefit from assistance offered by a trustworthy company which can provide corporate secretary service. They can get these services through ATF Consult International Ltd.

What is the procedure for company formation in the Netherlands?

Foreign enterprisers who want to open companies in the Netherlands must follow a specific procedure which will imply the following steps:

proposing three company names, out of which one will be selected and reserved as a trade name for the Dutch company;

drafting and notarizing the incorporation documents of the new company (if any documents need to be translated, these must be notarized too);
submitting the documentation with the Dutch Companies Register and registering for taxation and VAT purposes;
registering for employment and social security purposes, including with the pension fund with the same tax authorities;
applying for the necessary business licenses with the authorities in the industry in which the company will activate.
The scheme below shows the main reasons for company formation in the Netherlands:

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